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Sodium Hydroxide (#5101)


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Sodium Hydroxide is a caustic soda (lye) used in soap making for bar soap. We sell only the highest quality of lye available on the market.

Caustics are necessary for making soap but it is “caustic” and all safety precautions should be taken when using it. Always wear safety goggles to protect your eyes; and gloves and clothing to protect your skin. Clearly mark ALL lye containers‚ and NEVER breathe the fumes from the lye‚ lye water‚ or while stirring soap. KEEP LYE‚ LYE WATER AND FRESHLY MADE SOAP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN! For more information and first aid‚ please see our Lye Info Page.

Due to Federal Regulations‚ we cannot ship lye any faster than USPS Surface Priority, and UPS Ground. We highly recommend UPS as they provide tracking numbers and better reliability with time in transit for lye orders.

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Other Names:

Lye, NAOH, Caustic


Airtight and Temperate

Shelf Life:

3 years if kept in optimal conditions

Country of Origin:

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