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Bay Rum Fragrance Oil (#3105)


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Light‚ spicy‚ sweet aroma that is popular with the gentlemen. This oil blends well with rose‚ cedarwood‚ and eucalyptus oils.

For use in melt and pour soap, cold process soap, hot process soap, liquid soap, bath salts and fizzies, lotions, perfumes and creams. Not intended for internal use.

Fragrance oils are the synthetic (or partially synthetic) oils used for scenting cosmetic products. They are manufactured rather than found in the natural (Essential Oils). We recommend studying the differences between Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils. You can find more information in The Essential Oil Book by Colleen Dodt.


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Air tight and in cool place (60-70 Deg. F)

Shelf Life:

3 years from ordering


172 F

Usage Rate:

Bar Soaps – .5 oz. per pound of oils Lotions – 1-2% Candles – Max of 6%

Country of Origin:


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