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What a simple way to give life to suffering humanity…the gift of water! Every dollar given goes toward constructing wells of water for groups of thirsty refugees who are unable to get clean water for drinking purposes. There are no strings attached and every dollar that you give will bring fresh, clean water closer to men, women, and children who are in desperate need of this resource to meet the basic needs of life. This also eliminates the hassles and extra costs of bringing water from other places. So, please give the gift of life in the form of water!




Here at DSPS, we encourage everyone to maintain health emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Be In Health covers the spiritual and emotional parts of that equation. We highly recommend their 1 week course – For My Life. You can read testimonies of attendees at After you attend, we would love to know how you liked it…so drop up a note and tell us!



This is the physical, or exercise, part of what we think helps build healthy living! You will learn how your body works based on the latest and proven scientific knowledge. If you learn best by reading, you can buy her book. We recommend getting both her book and her T-tapp More program if you are over 25 years old. Teresa Tapp has worked with men and women in all walks of life to get optimum health and fitness for each person. She has dedicated her life to making it easy and affordable for everyone, no matter what the injury or situation, to become healthier and enable them to enjoy life to the fullest!



This is our special forum dedicated to the furthering of handmade soap, salts, bath fizzies, lip balm, etc. You can find recipes, mentors, cottage industry helps, and lots of soaper knowledge! And remember, it’s not only about soap. There are recipes for just about every type of bath or body pleasure treatment! And if it is not there, just ask…someone will have it! Registration is free, but we ask that you send us an email to confirm your username. Hope to see you there!



Soap Guild is an organization set up to help educate about the origins, techniques, and ingredients associated with handcrafted soapmaking. It is a wonderful place to network with other soapers! And, you can set up your first webstore (included in your membership – see details on their membership page) and within a few minutes you will on your way to marketing your quality products!


Active Compassion for the Persecuted –

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